Child Custody Seminar

Non-profit since 1978 is holding a Special Seminar with Several Family Law Attorneys to Answer Your Family Court Questions and provide guidance on Child Custody Laws.


Mediation, conciliation and settlement instead of litigation?

• Divorce settlement before it gets messy

• Benefits for you and children

• How to avoid a costly custody battle

• How to approach the other parent about this (asking yourself, mutual friend asking, getting court order to mediate)

• Marriage mediation, divorce mediation checklist, how does mediation work, divorce mediation tips, how much does divorce mediation cost 

Child custody suspended? Parenting time suspended? 

• Did child custody court / family court suspend or terminate your child custody 

• What can you do when family court gives full custody to another parent

• What are your parental rights, children's rights, father's rights, mother's rights

• Why does the federal government give you those rights

• What action can you take

Drivers license suspended?  

• What are your rights

• What action can you take

• What to watch out for

Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh family law  

• Family court forms, how to talk with the Domestic Relations Office

• How to file, when, where, why, and what to watch out for 

• How to find a divorce lawyer, nj divorce lawyer, family lawyer nj, best family court lawyers, how to find a good divorce lawyer, how to get a lawyer pro bono

• Family court phone numbers and who to call and what to say

Southern New Jersey family law (Burlington Camden Mercer Salem Gloucester Middlesex)

• Family court rules 

• How to file, when, where, why, and what to watch out for  

• How does your record affect you in family court

• Family court phone numbers and who to call and what to say

Representing yourself?  

• When to represent yourself and when to get lawyer

• How to represent yourself in a child custody case, how to represent yourself in a child support case  

• Pro se divorce forms, pro se divorce papers

• The right to represent yourself in court, finding pro bono family court lawyers 

• How does child emancipation work

When To Divorce?  

• Critical facts to know and things to do and steps to take before you divorce

• Learn what to do before filing for divorce especially know child custody laws

• Know the reasons for divorce, when to divorce, and how to divorce

• Planning and deciding how to break the news

• How to decide child custody and child support before you file for divorce 

• Annulment