Violation of Human Rights & Discrimination

On May 24th, 2013 I was offered a severance package, and lost my job of 25 years.  I immediately reported it to DR, and my support was stopped, until I received unemployment, as that was garnished.  The unemployment ended, and the arrearages continued (without any income coming in).  I was fortunate to find a career (so I thought) with Sears holding, and immediately reorted my new job prior to even starting.  My pay was then garnished $1,200 a month (I was making $65,000 a year).  I completed training for the company, and then was given a store 91 miles from my residence (2 hours one way/4 hours a day and minimum five days a week sometimes 6).  I averaged $128 to $140 in fuel a week just for work alone.  The job was based on a MINIMUM of 50 hour work week plus the additional 20 hours of drive time.  I declined the position and I was terminated.  My last paycheck for a complete week of work after garnishment (no benefits, 401K, or any other deductions), just stote, federal, & local tax.  My weekly check was $400 (minus $128 in fuel), and was left with $272 a week.  It was also recomended in process that an additional $400 a month in support be deducted