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Monday June 23rd, 2008 - David Nelson and Larry Shaprio join host Pat Wadling of 1490am WBCB for and hour of "Speak Your Peace" giving Lower Bucks County and Mercer County NJ an up to date introduction to our group, our positions, and our mission.  The hour long program was an overwhelming success. Friday June 13th, 2008 - Bill Koellner and Larry Shapiro from PA FACE go to Harrisburg to join the 2008 "Fatherless Day" rally on the capital steps along with members of Families 4 Justice". (Note - Larry is taking the picture, Bill is the bald dude on the right).   Thursday, June 12th, 2008  - PAFACE and WBCB 1490 am will have a show on June 23rd between 12 and 1pm during the Pat Wadling "Speak Your Peace" hour. Date to be confirmed. This will introduce FACE to Lower Bucks County residents and get the word our about what our group is all about - as well as discuss the very hot issues in regards to Equal Parenting, Custody, Monitary and other agreements - as well as what legislation we see coming from Harrisburgh and what other states are doing to promote Equal Custody. Special thanks to Pat Wadling of WBCB and Susan Gibbons of Fairless Hills Pa. for putting this opportunity together. To listen live on that day - we will have the link to 1490 WBCB available on our homepage. Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 - Michigan Fathers Movement and Equal Parenting Bill reaches the front page of the Detroit Free Press.  Read all about it here.  We also encourage you to post your comments to this cause so we can drown out those support N.O.W. and ACES. Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 - FOX TV pulls the plug on an upcoming trial run of a show called "BADDADS" coming under the pressure of many media critics, protests by Fathers and Childrens Rights Groups and other interest groups.  More Information will be posted when this becomes available. Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 - FOX TV SHOW UPDATE - GLEN SACKS CAMPAIGN UPDATE Please Read the campaign update and how communities and leaders are calling to end this show before it begins. Monday, May 12th, 2008  -  FOX TV SHOW FOX TV is airing a new series called "BadDads" and go into detail on how they hunt down dads who owe back child support.  They don't go after the mothers who owe support, are in violation of any court orders, or withhold their children to the fathers.  Please refer to Glenn Sacks - a noted Fathers Rights Advocate in protesting FOX TV.  Find out how you can send FOX TV your thoughts on this distgusting gender biased series.  On the good side - many national syndicated columnists are protesting this series and are calling for the end of it asap. Click here for GLENN SACKS WEB SITE Click here for GLENN SACKS FOX BADDADS SITE Shared Parenting Petition Children thrive with the active involvement of both parents.   We encourage you to read and sign the following petition ... Name Change FACE has officially changed it's name to Families and Children's Equality from Fathers' and Children's Equality in order to better represent our reach and mission.  If you notice that our name hasn't changed on any other website, we would really appriciate your help in letting us know at Special Meeting of Bucks County FACE Monday, November 5, 2007 - Dr. Steven Cohen At the following link please find an article that was published recently by Laurie Mason in the Bucks County Courier Times. The mediator referenced in the article has agreed to make a presentation to the group and answer any question. Please try to take advantage of this opportunity. Monday, October 22, 2007 - Divorce Learning Center Many of you have probably seen the advertisements or possibly attended one of the sessions sponsored by the Divorce Learning Center.  They have arranged to have one of their presenters come to our meeting. Please try to make what should be an interesting session.  The presentation will be done by a prominent local attorney.  There will be an opportunity to have your questions answered. September 29, 2007 Rally at Montgomery County Courthouse 2 East Airy Street, Norristown, PA 19401 This Saturday, September 29, from 12 noon till 2pm we will be holding a rally at the Montgomery County Courthouse, in Norristown. This Fathers Rights Rally is a part of a national effort to show our dissatisfaction with the court systems treatment of Fathers. The National effort on this day is the conclusion of efforts in other parts of the country and in Philadelphia that are taking place this week in support of "Family week". We need demonstrators to show up and help us to raise awareness of our plight. Please plan to attend this demonstration and if possible bring some friends. There will be a limited number of signs available, so please go to an arts and crafts store, buy some cheap posterboard and make a sign. September 24-26, 2007 Join us at the Holiday Inn midtown Philadelphia for a special fatherhood & families conference for providers, organizations and parents nationally.  Click here for the revised and updated booklet. August 18, 2007 - CALL TO ACTION - STAND-UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS Let's see that Pennsylvania FACE is well represented August 18th 2007 Washington, D.C. Rally Family Preservation Bringing Children and Families Back Together Attendance Required for Change! If you don't have your children this weekend, you should be in Washington, DC on this Saturday. Even if you have your children, older children will benefit from the experience and you can take advantage of some of the sites on the Mall in our nation's capital. I don't know if Mike is still planning to get a bus but if you want to try to coordinate transportation. Please contact the following people: Mike Bill Bill Dave Please see Mike's note below for more info. As many as you know, there is to be a rally in Washington DC on Saturday, August 18 with people from around the country congregating to show our force and demand that our leaders recognize fathers as parents. Minister Ronald Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Children need Both Parents, has organized this event to educate about how the Federal Government's Title iv program, the Governments Social Security Administration's Welfare Reform Program has destroyed families. The list of speakers include Dr. Stephen Baskerville, President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children; William Tower, President of American Family Rights Association; among many others. I have also just learned that (F4J) Fathers for Justice has just recently signed on to this gathering, and will be present on August 18. It would be great to see Spiderman climbing the Rotunda!! The rally will take place at the Lincoln Memorial. I am trying to coordinate transportation to Washington DC for the 18th of August. I need to know as soon as possible who is interested in making the trip with us. Seating would be limited to 22 people unless I received an enormous response from people, and then plans would have to be made for a larger vehicle. The bus would leave northeast Philadelphia at 7am, arrive in Washington at 10am and depart Washington at 5pm. We should arrive back in Phila around 8 pm. The cost of the trip for a 22 passenger mini bus will be $1224, driver's tip included. The cost of the bus will be divided evenly among all riders. For example, if we have the full complement of 22 people on the bus, the cost would be $56 dollars per person; if we only had 15 people on board then the cost will be $82 dollars per person. I believe that this price is very reasonable considering the price of gas today and taking into consideration that a round-trip Amtrak ride will cost $86 dollars per person. Minister Ron Smith has informed me that this event is scheduled for the Lincoln Memorial for at least the next FIVE years. He has also assured me that buses will be coming from all over the USA, including Texas, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Connecticut and other states. We need to make Pennsylvania seen at this event now and in the future. Please review the links below to get an understanding of the event and also to sign the petition for the rally. I have not yet placed a deposit on the bus and I will not place a deposit on the bus until I feel that we have enough people that are willing to commit their time to this event. Please contact me as soon as possible with a commitment, as Aug, 18th is rapidly approaching. Food and drink will be available from vendors in Washington. Please contact me at or leave me a message on the FACE office at 215 745-0805 Michael S